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Our state-of-the-art, patented, H-Type, straight bladed, Vertical Axis Wind Turbines are specifically designed to:
-Address public concerns
-Eliminate “Not In My Back Yard” (“NIMBY”) syndrome related to wind turbines.
-To make wind turbines: Acceptable, Reliable & Affordable

-Noise free operation
-Safe in operation
-No birds and Bats kill
-100% lightning protection
-No restriction on location
-Meet all local by-laws
-Aesthetically pleasing design

-Rugged design & construction
-Longer service life (>30 years+)
-Maximum annual energy production
-Minimal maintenance

-Competitive Energy Costs (c/kWh)
-Higher Internal Rate of Return
-Lower Payback Period

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Technology

What distinguishes our wind turbines are their innovations in design that specifically address oft cited client concerns with respect to acceptability, reliability and affordability, such as:

· Overcoming the ‘Not In My Back Yard’ (NIMBY) syndrome.

· Superior performance augmented by our variable pitch blade control design.

· Annual energy production that exceeds that of competitors.

· Robust and rugged design for reliability and longer life expectancy (30 years +)

· Eliminating bird and bat kills because of shrouded design.

· Minimum maintenance

· Aesthetics of design, with minimum visual impact

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