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Emerging Markets.

Untapped Markets

There is a vast potential market for small wind turbines is in rural areas in the developing world where millions of people do not have access to electricity. Hybrid small wind / solar systems are emerging as an attractive, low-cost cost and effective solution to provide electricity to areas without light and power, areas that are too remote for grid extension.

Rural areas Indonesia, Malaysia, Central Asia and Africa are examples of areas with hugely untapped wind energy potential.

The map of India Wind Energy Potential clearly illustrates that:

• Very few areas have wind power density levels (Class-3 and above)

• Vast areas of countries have Wind power wind power density levels (Class-1 to 2)

• Significant increase in wind energy potential can be achieved by introducing appropriate wind power technology such as shrouded wind turbines that can utilize the wind energy resource with wind power density levels (Class-1 to 2)

• The shrouded design of our state-of-the-art wind turbines substantially increases the annual energy output, thereby making it possible to harvest the wind energy potential in areas with low wind conditions. (Class-1 to 2)

Sales Prospects

Worldwide, about 2 billion people in the developing world do not have access to electricity.

Small-scale renewable energy systems (wind, micro-hydro, and solar) are often less expensive to install than line extensions.

According to 2015 estimate, the total installed capacity for small wind turbines in India is over 1,000 MW across all markets.

A breakdown of
the total potential market for 2020 time frame for small wind turbines in other countries around the world is shown in the dropdown to the right.

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The provincial government of Sindh, Pakistan has expressed interest in starting a mass rural electrification program using Escue Wind Turbines
Sidh, Pakistan – Government


One of many rapidly developing countries

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The Worldwide Market in 2020

7 million with an average 10 kW for a total of 70,000MW.
200 million with an average .5kW per for a total of 100,000MW.
12 million facilies with an average 2kW for a total of 24,000MW
9 million units with an average size of 2kW for a total of 18,000MW
228 million units for a total of 212,000MW.
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