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Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) Applications.

Project Description

Our vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) was developed from the result of 30 years of know-how based on the work performed in the design, engineering, construction and operation of numerous electrical power generation systems consisting coal, oil, nuclear and wind. Verification and validation for wind turbines designs were obtained with the development of a 4 MW VAWT 1987 and 1.5 kW VAWT in 2003.

Our wind turbines incorporate the required “Technological Goals and Actions” recommended by AWEA; for improvements in the design to ensure that the machines are the state-of–the-art.

A hybrid system consisting of Wind, Solar (PV), Battery storage, Invertors, and back-up Diesel generator is ideally suited to offer the best solution to suit the energy profile and the specific need of most applications.

It is generally agreed that Wind/Solar hybrid systems benefit from each other’s technology’s assets.

In many locations, wind and solar resources compliment each other, thus enabling designers to reduce the size of each component.

Our wind turbines will provide:
-Environmentally Clean
-Economically Viable,
-Sustainable Energy Option

In applications such as:

Homes, Cottages, Farm
Village Electrification
Telecommunication Systems
Remote Oil-Well Operation
Remote Communities
Water Pumping
Stand-Alone Power System
Building Roof-Tops
Hybrid Wind/Solar Systems
Power for On & Off-Grid,
Cathodic protection of pipelines
Hybrid System for street lighting

Project Details

  • Date February 19, 2015
  • Tags Rural, Suburban, Urban
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