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About Us.

Who Are We?

The Company Escue Energy ( ESCU ) is a start – up with the rich history thanks to Saeed Quraeshi who is the developer of worlds largest vertical axis wind turbine and now the Chief Technical Officer. Our team of engineers have the expertise and background to design both Small (KW) and Large (MW) wind turbines which can operate in both high and specially low wind conditions. Our initial business plan is to focus on Rural Electrification and become the pre eminent supplier of energy for Off Grid market opportunities such as present in the sub continent of India where over 500 mm people have no access to the grid and Africa both target markets for our technology. We have made considerable strides in identifying human resources in place in the initial markets which we will launch in and as we move into each of these market places. We have sub contracts ready to locally produce under license and to mitigate the cost and time of shipping and to keep cost low to meet the local market demands. In addition, we have established a effective work force of Electrical Procurement Contractors (EPC) who will be trained to install our equipment at the local level.

Our expertise in Vertical Axis Wind Turbines is based on the development and the successful execution of project EOLE in the 1980s. Project EOLE was a 4-MW VAWT unit that operated for over 5 years in continuous operation and was the very first multi-megawatt VAWT. EOLE was one of the world’s largest, longest running, and most reliable megawatt-scale wind turbines – either VAWT or HAWT.

In 2003, a H-Type, straight bladed Small (1.5KW) vertical axis wind turbine System was built and installed as a prototype proof-of-concept unit. It was built to demonstrate the patented design features of our new and innovational design of vertical axis wind turbine.

Our new line of innovative design in vertical axis wind turbine with shrouds represents the state-of-the-art, patented, H-Type, straight bladed, Vertical Axis Wind Turbines. It is specifically designed to meet the electrical power needs – For Homes, Commercial Buildings, Villages, Farms, and Independent Customers.

With our cutting edge in wind turbine technology, we are seeking to fill the global void in availability of reliable, acceptable and affordable small wind turbines.

Our Skills

Harvesting Clean Energy
Creating Adaptable Solutions
Adaptable Solutions

Mission Statement

In the next few decades, the availability of energy and the cost of energy are likely to remain the two most widespread issues facing both developing and developed nations. Improvements in energy supplies in the developing nations will require utilization of renewable resource focusing on a future-looking systems approach to deliver abundant, clean energy to all sectors of the economy.

Not In My Back Yard“ (“NIMBY”) syndrome related to small wind turbines is well known phenomenon. The dramatic technological advances made in the recent years now makes it possible to offer Small Wind Turbines designed to address all of the client’s concerns, and offer an energy option that would Acceptable, Reliable and Affordable.

Meet the Team

Our vision is to make small wind turbines an affordable renewable energy option in every power generation application a reality by the year 2020. With the advancement in technology, this vision is now attainable with our state-of-the-art wind turbine with patented design. Our team is passionate about wind and renewable energy and we strive to constantly better our communities and the industry itself through the application and improvement of our technology.


Saeed Quraeshi

Pioneer & Chief Developer

A North American Nuclear engineer with over 40 years of experience in the clean energy field.

Sohail Quraeshi

Chief Executive Officer

An internationally renowned entrepreneur with 35 years of experience in Venture Capital and Private Equity.

Mr Edward Minyard

Chief Compliance Officer

Edward Minyard has over 35 years of experience in the consulting field with a keen focus on compliance, risk management, disaster recovery and processes related to business continuity.

Abdullah Al-Jabri

Managing Director

Middle East Operations and Board Advisor


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